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The home of iconic New Zealand beverages.

Thirst Beverages are wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of quality beverage blends and equipment including frappés, smoothies, hot chocolate, coffee, syrups and blenders.


How it all began.

Thirst Iced Beverages was founded in 2000, originally selling coffee and supplies to local offices and school lunchrooms. Since those early days, we have formulated and perfected our 'just add water and ice' range, creating a refreshing, revitalizing array of complete frappé and smoothie blends.

In recent times we have expanded the Thirst family of products to include Crave Hot Beverages, Wild Goat Coffee and JTC Blenders.



The story behind the brand.

Thirst Iced Beverages is a privately owned business founded by the late Grant Williams in 2000, originally selling coffee and supplies to local offices and school lunchrooms.

Grant's experience and passion for the food and beverage industry stemmed from over 20 years with Unilever and Nestle, two global food giants. In 2003 he branched away from these corporations and took the opportunity to enter an emerging market which at the time was not fully understood by the wider community, seeing the true potential frappé and smoothie products would reach.

Grant took this as an opportunity to share many of his unique flavoured Thirst beverages on a global scale. Grant established markets throughout Australasia and the Middle East.

Although Grant could see the potential in the product he was never able to see it come to fruition as he passed away just as the company was starting to expand exponentially in August 2013. Since this time the company has expanded rapidly, reaching sites originally not even dreamed of. Grant was a motivated and inspirational leader in our company, as well as a tenacious worker as he fought many battles with his health due to his congenital heart defect which later led to both a heart and kidney transplant.

Grant's legacy continues through his family who are passionate about bringing Thirst to the world.

"Our vision is to provide our clients with a product range defined by trust, innovation, uniqueness, superb quality, operational simplicity, and exceptional service."



Mitchell Polglaze

Mitchell comes from a trade and engineering background. He has a passion for innovation while also being very hands on in daily operation of the business. Mitchell is continuing to develop new flavours to add to our range. He is enthusiastic about coffee and has added a roastery alongside our powder manufacturing plant. Mitchell is passionate about continuing Grants legacy.

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Sharon Williams

Together with her husband Grant, Sharon saw the vision of his innovation and inspiration and worked closely with him from the start-up of their business in 2000. Sharon came with a legal background having worked in Law and administration from 1986 - 1995 when their first daughter was born, Sharon was then a stay at home mum and their second daughter born in 1997. Together they established the business that we affectingly call Thirst today. Sharon has stepped back in her role at Thirst as her son-in-law Mitchell has taken over the reins.

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Where to next

Our largest category is the exciting and rapidly expanding international export sector. Thirst is ready to assist our distributors in attracting and retaining loyal customers through inventive products, superior quality, ease of use and exceptional flavours. Our goal is to provide our clients with a product range defined by innovation, superb quality, operational simplicity and excellent margins. We aim to assist our clients in consistently impressing their customers in the dynamic and competitive café, hotel, restaurant and food service market.