• Coffee Frappé

    Serving Size:
    420ml - Regular
    Product(s) to Use:
    Coffee Frappé OR Vanilla Frappé

    Coffee Frappé


    Put all ingredients into a blender in the following order and blend until smooth and serve:

    Tip: To make it extra creamy use milk instead of water.

    Using Coffee Frappé Powder:

    1. 180g Ice (Level Thirst Cup)
    2. 60g Coffee Frappé Powder (Thirst Scoop)
    3. 140ml Water (Top Line of Thirst Cup)

    Using Vanilla Frappé Powder & Fresh Espresso:

    1. 180g Ice (Level Thirst Cup)
    2. 60g Vanilla Frappé Powder (Thirst Scoop)
    3. 80ml Water (Just over Bottom Line of Thirst Cup)