• Mango Smoothie

    Serving Size:
    420ml - Regular
    Product(s) to Use:
    Vanilla Frappé

    Mango Smoothie


    Put all ingredients into a blender in the following order and blend until smooth and serve:

    Using Real Fruit Concentrate:

    1. 180g Ice (Level Thirst Cup)
    2. 60g Vanilla Frappé Powder (Thirst Scoop)
    3. 60ml Mango Real Fruit Concentrate (Bottom Line of Thirst Cup)
    4. 80ml Water to Concentrate (Top Line of Thirst Cup)
    Using Fresh Mango:
    1. 180g Ice (Level Thirst Cup)
    2. 1 cheek of fresh mango
    3. 60g Vanilla Frappé Powder (Thirst Scoop)
    4. 140ml Water (Top Line of Thirst Cup)